Zappos Luxury - Spring 2018

Zappos Luxury is a full-service online boutique that carries the latest and greatest items from the best international fashion houses, professional style picks from top buyers and other fashion experts, reports on emerging trends, and interactive content designed to help you make difficult style decisions and just have fun shopping - all while offering the same convenience and world-class customer service you've come to expect from lightning-fast processing, free shipping, complimentary return shipping, and a 365-day return policy.

For Spring 2018, Zappos wanted a handful of fun, looping animations to use as banners and other promotional content across their Luxury site. 

Working with Stylist Cristina Acevedo, we generated imagery incorporating a selection of shoes and sneakers into sleek, minimalist 3D environments. The combination of sparse scenes, basic geometry and materials, and smooth, simple motion ensures that focus on the product and the "luxe" vibe are maintained.