This summer (2017) Indaba Media will be launching Ampl Music, a new platform designed to support the ways musicians work in the 21st century.  It connects musicians’ unfinished and finished works with select artists who want to collaborate with, remix, and sample them -- creating new songs and new revenue for all.

The name

All latin words with the prefix “ampl-” mean to amplify, grow, increase. The latin word “amplo” also stands for plentiful, sprawling, wide-reaching. With Ampl Music, Indaba Media's goal is to amplify your music-making experience and your volume (reach) by offering you a plentiful library of high-quality content, and a fluid, transparent solution to the complexities related to music ownership and revenue.

the look

The need was for branding that matched the energy and "disruptive" nature of its new product, while clearly making allusion to growth, amplification, improvement.  A clean, modern, geometric, bold, bright aesthetic was desired. After various iterations, the working logo and branding shown at the top of this page came out as the winners. 

the path

Branding for Ampl Music went through various iterations, ranging from alternate logos to even different brand names.  Some of the previous iterations can be seen below.