Steve James

With writing & producing credits for Justin Bieber (Purpose), Martin Garrix (In the Name of Love), and Little Mix (Power) under his belt, Steve James's momentum continues to swell throughout 2017, as he navigates the waters of both indie-pop productions and his own dance project with the support of Pulse Music Group. Along with Steve's success in the studio, his artistry has taken him around the globe, touring with the likes of Martin Garrix, The Chainsmokers, Matoma, Vanic and more. 

Steve James has a scheduled roster of single releases for which he wanted a unifying aesthetic: epic, adventurous, "out there" - with bright, saturated, sunny and/or dusky skies and a hero figure portrayed in the scene.  Telling a story with a single image is always a great challenge, and with Steve's creative direction team, we successfully managed to generate imagery that clearly helped convey a storyline - where the viewer feels welcome to fill in the blanks.